Kamis, 24 September 2015

Special package of thousand islands

Of daily must and tired bodies. How about this week? Plan what you are refreshing your back? You live in Jakarta and get a lot for a city tour following try Thousand cluster that is identical to tour around Jakarta. It has a number of about 110, which as well as uninhabited island that is. In a stunning natural treats offered the tourists. With a Thousand islands that tourists get a lot of tours can freely choose which one visit. On the island which is located in Jakarta that each tour several islands often become even become a favorite in the Thousand Islands. Scouting is daned by them Tidung. Here we present the second state which is Tidung.

The island is by the landscape that is the usual. The island is also very identical bridge of love. Love is stretched over and Small Island with a Big. Standing at the top we can enjoy clear sea atmosphere clarity, love. When looking over the water to satisfy you, try diving is offered as a tourist in Tidung. By the day of the tender that is tourists can be a beautiful sunset captivating. Color dusk and the sun also spent romantic impression loved ones.

Tidung Island tourist favorite Thousand Islands is the second that is Scouting. This island Thousand Islands government. Where many residents of this island with its natural, inhabit. The activity can snorkel around the island leaves which is located not far away. If you want to fish without body, your captive sharks john hawksbill and grouper aquaculture that is the body. Play - with creatures that you also got the fishery is science. One dual activity is not it? The sun is also a bonus in that - the flavors can you visit in person. Soon your suitcases for yourself that is exploring. On vacation!.
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